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Precision Measuring Tools from Hemly Tool Supply – Digital Slide Calipers

Slide calipers let you set up machinery and check measurements on many things in the shop. It’s important to have precision measuring tools, and you can choose between dial type and digital calipers. Both take accurate readings, but digital calipers come with several benefits so let’s check them out.

What are Digital Slide Calipers?

Slide calipers give you an accurate measurement between two points. You only need to place the thing to measure between the two ends of the caliper, and it gives you a reading. Dial calipers work with a gear turning on a spline which moves the dial as it turns. It’s called a rack and pinion assembly.

Digital calipers don’t work the same way as dial calipers. Digital calipers have small electronic circuit boards with tiny conductors and capacitors. As the conductors slide over the circuit board, they register capacitance which the circuit picks up and transfers the difference into numbers. The circuit is highly sensitive and can detect minute differences in capacitance.

Digital Caliper Benefits

Electronic calipers are highly accurate. Some tools can measure micrometers and measurements as small as .001 millimeters or .00004 of an inch. This kind of accuracy is not possible with most manual measuring tools.

Simple to Use

Instead of using two readings, you only need to look at the screen for a digital readout. You don’t have to recalibrate if you change the zero point. Changing from metric to inches is as easy as pushing a button.


It’s important not to get your digital calipers wet, and they do need batteries. For wet or highly humid conditions, dial calipers may work better. To find the best tools for the job, come to Hemly Tool Supply. We have a great selection of measuring tools for your shop. Visit our homepage or call 1-800-445-1068 today.

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