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Choosing the Right Tool holder

Precision machining calls for sensitive and high-quality tools. In fact, success in CNC milling has a lot to do with the tool holders you choose. There are many Tool holder types, and each one provides different benefits. Let’s look at four of the most common holders used in milling today, to help you select the right one for your needs.

Side Lock

If you want to save money on holders, side lock mechanisms are some of the cheapest you can find. Installation is simple because the tool mounts with one or two set screws. The size is not adjustable so you can use only one size shank tool per holder. Clamping power is good, but balance is poor due to the design. Side locks are best for heavy milling at low speeds.

Collet Chuck

Collet chuck holders are versatile because you can use many different size tools in one tool holder. This type of Tool holder utilizes a collet system. Each style of collet chuck has range of collet sizes they can hold. Collet systems include ER, TG, and DA. They work well for light-duty milling applications and do well at high speeds because they have exceptional clamping power and good balance.

Milling Chucks

If you need precision machining, milling chucks are an excellent choice. They offer well-balanced clamping, but they use bushings. Both bushings and inside diameters need frequent cleanings. Because of high clamping force and balance, milling chucks resist chatter and vibrations.

Shrink Fit

Shrink fit holders are the most precision holders on the market. They need heat shrink machines, which heat the holder to allow the tool to be inserted. The holder is then cooled, and the holder contracts and clamps on the tool. Shrink fit holders offer excellent clamping force and 100 percent radial contact. Like end mill holders, each shrink fit holder is designed for one shank size. You’ll need a separate shrink fit holder for each shank diameter you want to hold.

Hemly Tool Supply offers name brand holders and tools for your shop including Techniks, Sowa Tool, and Parlec, Lyndex, and HPI Pioneer. Call us at 1-800-445-1068 for more details.

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