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Hemly KnowsDrills and Taps

To optimize deep hole drilling and high-speed machining of hard-to-cut materials, we offer carbide drills that are designed with holes to accommodate internal coolant oils.

Drills & Taps

Hemly Tool Supply features a huge inventory of drills and drill taps to meet the demands of your job. These drills and taps offer the cutting speeds, geometries, and precision you need to work with difficult materials, meet demanding standards for surface finish and maintain productivity levels.





Hemly Tool Supply offers thousands of options of quality drills and taps. Jobbers, cobalt drills, coated drills and round and taper shanks are some of the drill options you have to choose from to ensure you get the right cutting tool for the job. Hemly’s selection of taps lets you take on any threading job.


In addition to our individual pieces, be sure to see our Rocky Mountain Twist flier, which describes money-saving options for buying full sets of drills. 


Here are some examples of the types of drills and taps available from Hemly Tool Supply:


  • The Emuge MultiTAP, made in Germany. This tap provides a more affordable option by enabling you to use one tap to work with a variety of materials, so you do not have to stock numerous types of taps.
  • A huge selection of taps and dies from Yamawa. The ZELX taps in YMW’s extensive catalog allow you to work with just about any material, any dimension and on any job.  
  • High speed steel jobber drills in bright finish, oxide finish or tin coated, with a variety of sizes and points, from Titan USA.
  • Titan USA Black & Gold Series high speed steel drills in jobber length and a full range of sizes.
  • Jobber length M42 cobalt drills from Titan USA. These drills are available in cobalt straw finish or cobalt altin coated. The altin coated drills can be used to machine stainless steel or nickel-based or titanium alloys, in situations where extreme temperatures occur.
  • High speed steel drills with an oxide finish in a wide range of sizes from Titan USA.
  • M42 cobalt drills from Titan USA. These drills are available in cobalt straw finish or cobalt altin coated.
  • Titan USA Silver & Deming drills with round, half-inch shanks.
  • Morse taper shank high speed steel drills with an oxide finish.


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 Titan USA

Jobbers Drills

Jobber Drills

Jobbers Drills

View our selection of Jobbers Drills:

Titan High Speed Steel

Titan Black & Gold

Titan M42 Cobalt 

Screw Machine

Screw Machine

Screw Machine

View our selection of Screw Machine Drills:

High Speed Steel

M42 Cobalt

Silver & Deming

Silver & Deming

Silver & Deming

View our selection of Silver and Deming Drills:

Silver & Deming

Morse Taper Shank

Morse Taper Shank





Morse Taper Shank

View our selection of Morse Taper Shank Drills:

           Morse Taper Shank








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