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Hemly KnowsCarbide Inserts

Our wide selection of indexable carbide inserts offers you multiple cutting edges that can be changed easily for optimal economy, tool life, productivity and precision.

Carbide inserts

Hemly Tool stocks over 1 million carbide inserts to meet your machining needs. We carry a full stock of turing, milling, and threading inserts. Contact us today to see how we can help.




    When it comes to performance under pressure, tungsten carbide inserts can take the heat. This durable, extremely strong metal is made by cementing grains of tungsten carbide into cobalt or nickel. The result is exceptional hardness, second only to the diamond. In fact,

it is this hardness that led to its use beginning in the 1920s and through World War II. Following the war, as cementing processes were honed, tungsten carbide became an indispensable material for use in manufacturing, mining and other industries.


     Today, carbide inserts are produced in different classifications to offer reliable, consistent performance for various materials or applications. Carbide inserts are particularly appropriate when wear is an issue. The exceptional hardness and stability of tungsten carbide allows machining to meet very exacting tolerances while at the same time minimizing equipment wear. Plus, carbide inserts are more resistant to abrasion at high or low temperatures, ensuring cost-effective performance over the lifetime of the insert.

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From milling and turning to grooving and threading applications, Hemly Tool Supply offers a wide array of quick-change, indexable carbide inserts with multiple cutting edges for optimal economy, tool life, productivity and precision – regardless of your application. Order online or contact us today for friendly, expert advice.


We carry carbide inserts from top manufacturers including:



Korloy America

Korloy is one of the industry's leaders in cutting edge tool technology. Manufacturing both tool bodies and inserts, Korloy has the expertise to provide excellent tools.







Looking for another brand?

We also maintain a surplus inventory for carbide inserts from:
















Steel/ Ceramic Inserts

View our wide selection of economical solutions for everyday cutting needs.

- Steel

- Ceramic Insert

High Temp Alloy Inserts

Hardened for optimal performance in your most challenging machining tasks.

- High Temp

- Stainless Steel

Non Ferrous Inserts

Indexable inserts that are ideal for cutting hard tool steel and abrasive materials.

- Cast Iron

- Aluminum