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5 Tips for Keeping Your CNC Tool Holders in Good Condition

Modern machining needs high-speed applications and the right tools for the job. In fact, CNC tool holders are just as important as your cutting tools. Keeping your holders in good shape helps your machine shop run in the most efficient way and here are five maintenance tips to help.

1. Talk to Your New Machinists about Tools

People new to the process need to know all about tools and holders. An experienced machinist should explain about tool failure and how it affects spindle wear. Everyone should know when it’s time to replace tools to keep machinery in good condition.

2. Inspect and Clean CNC Tool Holders and Spindles after Each Use

A proper inspection includes taking the tool holder apart and cleaning it. Coolants can create residue which affects the efficiency of the tool. Also, tiny pieces of chips can get lodged in machine parts. Tiny scrapes and scratches wreak havoc with precision machining processes.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Tools

When you clean machine parts, only use lint free cloths. Wipe carefully and then apply a light coat of penetrating oil. This helps to keep corrosion to a minimum. Use wiping tools made specifically for cleaning your machine parts.

4. Don’t Use Worn or Damaged Spindles

After cleaning, always check the machine for signs of damage or wear. Some tools may need regrinding or replacement. If not, affected parts may sustain damage, and you could end up with an expensive repair, not to mention considerable downtime.

5. Use a Trusted Tool Supplier

When you need tools and supplies for your shop, go with a trusted company like Hemly Tool Supply. We have over 30 years of experience and offer high-quality CNC tool holders and carbide cutting tools for your business. Call 1-800-445-1068 to see what we can do for you.

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