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The Advantages Of Kennedy Tool Boxes

At Hemly Tool Supply, Inc., our commitment to our customers is to only offer the best products on the market. We work with over 80 different manufacturers to bring everything from tools, equipment, and accessories to the top in storage options for both shops and well as portable needs.

Kennedy has been around since 1910. They specialized in creating a range of different types of tool chests, mobile workbenches and tool storage specifically for NC and CNC machining professionals and shops. This is a true Amerian company using stainless steel and cutting edge technology to build products that are not just durable, but that offer the features and extras that help to make storage and retrieval of tools and equipment simple and easy.

The Kennedy Difference

One of the big differences with the Kennedy tool boxes and storage systems is that there are several lines that are offered by the company. These lines are developed by industry focus and include hand carry boxes, machinist chests and mechanic tool boxes and chests.

From the basic types of designs to completely portable benches, chests and carts you will find just what you need with the Kennedy line. Each piece is designed to work as a component of a system, which means you can mix and match products to create custom storage or mobile storage options.

At Hemly Tool Supply, Inc., we not only provide the full line of Kennedy storage systems, but we also provide their specialized eKENTROL system. This is great for protecting your tools and equipment as each ,Tool Cabinet, both standard cabinets and portable options, provides a full keyless PIN system to lock and unlock the drawers, or you can choose a swipe card option.

To learn more or to place an order, talk to our experts at Hemly Tool Supply, Inc. We would be happy to answer any questions, just contact us at 800-445-1068.


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