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Toolflo cutting tools


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Hemly Tool is pleased to offer a variety of special promotions on ToolFlo products.

16ER & 16IR Laydown Threading Insert Special

Tool Flo Inserts Offer Exceptional Performance

Providing top quality solutions for the automotive, aerospace, medical and oil & gas industries, Tool Flo offers a winning combination of innovative technology and skilled engineering that results in high performance tools that won't let you down. The Tool Flo range includes Rigid-lock end mills, the Bantam collection (for applications where extra-small boring is required), deep grooving tools, threading chasers and much more. We have a good selection of ToolFlo products, so why not take a look at what's available?

ToolFlo Products at Competitive Prices

We know that cost matters to our customers, which is why we keep prices competitive. In addition to providing a good selection of tools and accessories from top manufacturers, we also have a series of appealing promotions and special offers, enabling you to save even more on your favorite brands. Whether you need precision cutting tools, innovative tools for tricky projects or hand tools that are made to give years of faithful service, we've got what you need for less.

Well-Established Company Here to Help

We've been operating for more than thirty years, providing high quality tools that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Our customers come from many different sectors, but all value precision tools that give exceptional results. If you're not sure what tool would be best for a particular job, or need further product information, just get in touch and our experienced, knowledgeable team will be happy to advise and offer suitable product recommendations.

Tool Flo Inserts and Much More

Our stock includes carbide inserts, hand tools, tool holders, vises, storage and plenty of other related products that we've found are popular choices with our customers. Use our “Product Finder” feature to locate the item you're looking for, or give us a call at (800) 445-1068 so that we can help you find exactly what you need.


Why Choose Hemly Tool Supply for Tool Flo Inserts?

Hemly Tool Supply has years of experience in the cutting tool industry. We offer some of the finest carbide tools in the world. We do business with top tooling manufacturers to give you the highest quality parts at affordable prices. Here are eight good reasons to choose Tool Flo inserts from Hemly Tool Supply.

1. Confidence

Tool-Flo opened its doors in 1978. Hemly has decades of experience too. You can shop with confidence when you choose an experienced manufacturer and distributor.

2. Convenience

Tool-Flo offers many selections, and Hemly provides a lot of Tool Flo cutting tools, so you are sure to find what you need. You enjoy the benefits of having one company for all your needs.

3. Cost

You save money on high-quality Tool Flo inserts because the manufacturer buys raw materials in bulk. Cheaper materials offer lower production costs which create lower customer costs.

4. Problem Solving

Tool-Flo works with their distributors and clients. If you have a problem, Hemly Tool Supply helps you solve it. If Hemly cannot assist you, we contact the manufacturer for added help.

5. Fast Service

When you need tools, you can draw from a vast inventory of Tool Flo inserts. The company stocks thousands of products.

6. Custom Service

If you have special needs, the company offers custom designed and manufactured Tool Flo cutting tools for your business.

7. Quality at Affordable Prices

Tool-Flo uses high-tech CNC machinery for fast manufacturing. Fast production rates make more products available at lower prices.

8. Tools for Many Industries

Are you in the automotive machining industry? Perhaps you manufacture medical devices or aerospace parts. Tool-Flo makes cutting tools for your business, and this includes the oil and gas sectors.