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Nexus Cutting Tools

Advance Your Machining with Nexus Cutting Tools by Techniks

The Nexus Cutting Tools line from Techniks USA is all about simplifying your inventory of machining inserts and cutting equipment. The accuracy of a toolholder assembly can be completely compromised by even the most fractional inaccuracy at any point in its construction. The multiplying effect that happens as inaccuracies are passed down from component to component is called “stacking of tolerances,” and it can take a serious toll on tool life. Components must be manufactured with the absolute maximum rigidity and minimum runout potential.


Nexus Cutting Tools, such as Lamina High-Performance Inserts, can make tolerance stack troubles a thing of the past by effectively eliminating your Total Indicator Runout. The same insert can be used in practically any turning or milling metal-cutting situation, and the overall life of the insert itself will exceed that of your current setup. With less time spent changing inserts and more time machining, you have the rare opportunity to substantially improve your machining productivity.


Nexus Cutting Tools available from Hemly Tool Supply, your metal working supplier, include:


  • Lamina High-Performance Inserts: Lamina represents a major breakthrough in the world of machining. With the thickest PVD coating in the industry, one insert can handle steel, stainless, cast iron, high-temperature alloys, and hardened metal. With one more insert for machining aluminum and alloys, your assembly can be sufficiently equipped to work with virtually any material with minimal setup or runout.
  • End Mills: Featuring PowerLOC indexable end mills – eliminate slippage for more cost-effective, productive machining.
  • Face Mills: Featuring ShrinkMILL Face Mills for the “perfect shrinkFIT connection” – you can achieve 30 percent less runout than the competitors with a longer overall insert life.


This is just the beginning of the solutions Nexus Cutting Tools and Techniks offer for combating heat and vibration to improve accuracy and productivity. Contact the experts at Hemly Tool today to learn more about the full selection of inserts, face mills, end mills, indexable drills, toolholders and equipment for turning and boring.

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From time to time, certain Nexus Cutting Tools may be featured in Hemly Tool Supply promotions. Visit our promotional page 2014 Techniks Full Catalog to see which items are currently available at a limited-time discount.