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Dorian tool


Dorian Tool Products from Hemly Tool Supply

Dorian Tool began in 1982, and today they are a big part of the metalworking industry. The company started with one innovative product, called the Quadra Index Tool Post. It allowed the machine operator to mount four different tools on one post. To change tools, one only needed to rotate the post. Today, Dorian provides a lot of machining tools for business.


Turning System Options

Does your company do a great deal of lathe work? If so, you should check out what Dorian Tool provides in tool holding systems. For example:

  • Multi-lock - lock pin and clamp hold the insert tightly in place, which provides fewer vibrations.
  • Profile - simple to index with a spring pin action
  • Cam-lock - simple and effective locking system is very secure with a cam lock pin.
  • Wedge lock - you can use a chip breaker with the holder.
  • Clamp lock
  • Screw lock

Spare parts are available for these products.


Carbide Inserts

Dorian Tool offers a number of high-quality carbide inserts for turning operations, such as:

  • DDP30GT - general purpose inserts for steel, and used for stainless steel also.
  • DCP15HC - designed for high-speed steel machining.
  • DMC20HT - made for machining stainless steel
  • DMC30UT - can do both interrupted and uninterrupted cuts on stainless steel.
  • DKU10HT - smooth cuts for abrasive and hardened materials

The company provides many more carbide inserts for your machining needs. They also produce milling cutters for chamfer and dovetail milling. Dorian can also help you with your CNC machining needs.


To find out more about Dorian Tool options for your business, call Hemly Tool Supply today at (800)-445-1068. You can also visit our contact page at


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