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Since 1974, CGC Cutting Tools has been manufacturing Gorilla Drills® and Gorilla Mill® endmills and cutting tools at its state-of-the-art facility in Waukesha, Wis. CGC’s precision cutting tools serve the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and medical industries.


Gorilla Mills® are designed and made to reduce chatter, decrease cycle times, extend tool life and create superior tolerances and finish. CGC cutting tools are widely used for applications such as high speed machining, aluminum and nonferrous machining, cast iron machining, stainless steel machining, Inconel machining and steel machining.


All Gorilla mills are designed on a 3D CAD simulator before being crafted on state-of-the-art CNC and auto-loading cutter grinders. This process ensures consistent quality and repeatability.


As an example, the Gorilla Mill Sasquatch, available through Hemly Tool, delivers superb finishes, even at extremely high material removal rates. This product is recommended for aggressive machining applications in stainless, Inconel, titanium, tool steels and hardened materials.


The Sasquatch is made with the highest transverse rupture strength (TRS) nano-grain carbide substrate available, as well as a patented variable flute and index design to reduce chatter and vibration.


Another CGC feature, high-performance GMX-35 coating, facilitates high-speed machining for milling, drilling and dry machining applications.


And CGC’s GMP edge preparation technology adds strength to the cutting edge of Gorilla tools. This extends tool life and minimizes the risk of chipping, paying off in improved part consistency and quality.


For its quality and precision, CGC has even gained the trust of the aerospace industry, which requires the tightest of tolerances to withstand the extreme speeds, pressures and forces that are common to critical aircraft parts.


CGC offers a wide array of standard cutting tools and routinely produces these products in special diameters, radii and lengths. If you need a custom Gorilla Drill or Mill solution, contact your Hemly Tool representative.

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