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Carmex Tools from Hemly Tool Supply

If your shop does a lot of threading work, you need special tools for the job. For example, only the best tool holders and inserts will hold up to constant work and high speed precision machining. You need tools which will not let you down, day in and day out. This is why Hemly Tool carries some of the most trusted brands on the market today, like Carmex Tools.

The Value of Choosing Cutting Tool Specialists

Some tools are universal in nature and can fit a wide range of operations. However when you need threading tools and supplies you should turn to a company specializing in these things. The best shop suppliers have access to some of the finest specialty tool makers in the business and Carmex Tools are designed for milling and turning operations.

Inserts for Thread Turning

Carmex makes many different types of triangular threading inserts. You can choose from chip breaker or ground profile and these options:

  • Ultra inserts – with these miniature inserts you can thread as small as six millimeter bores.
  • Vertical
  • U type
  • Multiple tooth
  • Combination inserts – you receive both chip breaker and ground profile features.
  • HBA – sub micron grade with ultra fine capabilities. You may use titanium, cast iron, hardened steel, nickel, inconel or hastelloy.

PVD Coating

You can choose BLU inserts which feature a triple layer PVD coating. PVD means physical vapor deposition and is a special coating process which provides exceptional wear capabilities and reduced friction, with thin coatings producing a very hard surface.


Carmex has several ISO certifications, ensuring high quality standards from the workers up to management. They have a worldwide reputation of providing cutting edge technology and Carmex tools are known for their performance and ability to extend tool life. Call Hemly Tool today at 1-800-445-1068 for helpful friendly tool advice.

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